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Catherine McGuiness

Catherine McGuiness’ painting style is bold and ballsy. She paints with a physical fervour that often sees her finish a day in the studio with as much paint on her face as she has on the canvas. Her paintings hold a memory of this impassioned energy, similar to the action paintings of De Kooning or Hoffman.
Her large paintings and textile-based artworks take inspiration from Catherine’s immediate interests and fascinations. Catherine’s paintings are funny, but they are also brazen and courageous. They are extrovert in nature; the life of the party encouraging everyone to get on the dance floor.
Catherine is one of Studio A’s emerging artists. In 2018 she worked with mentor Paul Williams on a body of large paintings on canvas and was one of six artists invited to exhibit at Peacock Gallery Auburn as part of an artist residency in 2019.


  • Catherine McGuiness reads 'Romeo and Juliet'