(after Blue Murder)

for Daniel Willis


Here fellow Aussies, good ‘n’ ready: the gospel

that accords with Neddy.

Payouts? Paybacks? Shots to dodge? Better you

check first with Rog.

Cash gets raked-in by the acres, if you’re matey

with The Breakers.

Sure they’ll barter, threaten, wheedle, but junkies

crawl home to the needle.

Sallie-Anne was quite a lay, she could sidle and


But when the end came for Lanfranchi, Huckstepp

hollered like a banshee.

Media bound went silly Sallie, made her life a one

-way alley.

Though they’ve solemn obligations hitmen too

have limitations.

How many reasons eased out Flannery? (Count the

grains to fill a granary!)

He’s working out the mighty if, buried under


Cop ‘n’ crim packed as she ought, the First Fleet’s

sailing into port.

Dogs catch fleas, cats grow mange, so who says

there’s been any change?

Roger rules and Ned prevails: we invented New

South Wales!

Anti-heroes loved by plebs are celeb-crims not



Alan Wearne - Bound for Botany Bay