The Project

Each Poetry Crimes poet was recorded reading their poems, and interviewed by Johanna Featherstone about their writing and the project's theme. The recordings were broadcast nationally through the community radio satellite and online. Poetry Crimes was also distributed to international radio stations via the online podcasts and CD.  Listen to their poems and discussion:

[[Jennifer Maiden]], "Day Release"

[[Justin Lowe]], "The numbers"

[[Chris Edwards]], "gone today, here tomorrow"

[[Claire Gaskin]], "Crime"

[[Ian C Smith]], "Police informer's last rites"

[[Kate Middleton]], "Testimony"

[[Jaya Savige]], "The Dreamworld Murders"

[[A Frances Johnson]], "Eugenia Solo"

[[Jennifer Compton]], "Law and Order"

Brenda Saunders, "Blak-out"

[[Alan Wearne]], "Bound for Botany Bay"

[[Ian McBryde]], "Beyond Omerta"

In May 2005 Poetry Crimes staged a live event featuring the poets at Sydney’s Police and Justice Museum, as part of the 2005 Sydney Writers' Festival.