if there was a beginning then this beginning was a moment
press your palms together and feel the heat it generates
how each event is misshapen

acupuncturists used to use fishbones and saprophyte
and memories to jest ears
how did they figure that out?

like the more irritating flies
you observe a flower or pluck it from its roots
without which a fever may lie

tfw I realise that almost all my suffering is self-created
that deep in that paced gap of a body not fit for crumbs nor imagination
I am his mother and he is my mother
One Hundred Percent Pulmonary
bleating Revlon Fire & Ice and no real concept of Rwanda

top notes: the Dead Sea Scrolls
heart notes: magnolia narcissus orchid tuberose
base notes: a whole leg of chicken

Erich Fromm, now that you know I want to be behind a door at all times
and peer through a tiny telescope

it’s your secret to keep, waiting for yours to begin


Footnote: this poem was created using the Spines or Cut-ups constraint as the starting point.