To be as complete as the greater part    of your self
To trust without knowing    when to hang on
               how to let     go
To have the ability to resist    gravity
               in states     out of quo
To be divisible      by light
              one part visible to two     invisible
More than two thirds of you
               already knows     the way
You have mostly existed     outside
              of time
Body unto body    disembodied
              soaring out of dust    into earth
From dirt to root to stem
             to leaf     remaking light to feed
To carry, baptise, flourish    to harbour
            new life
To realise
           we are all made     of pieces     of each other
Frozen out of time     through space
             the greater part     of us
Has gazed past     all that is known
             beyond     the heavens themselves
Note: The human body is made up of more than two thirds water. Every water molecule in our bodies originated in space and has existed in many different places and forms (including human), some dating back to before the dinosaurs. Essential to life, in cultures the world over, water is held as sacred.