Arjun von Caemmerer is a Hobart-based writer, general medical practitioner, and certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

His published writing encompasses poetry, short story, essay, musings on recorded music & CD liner notes and has been published diversely.

His poetry has been published in Siglo, The Australian, The Medical Journal of Australia, Unusual Work, The Rondo Hatton Report, Free Xpression, Famous Reporter, Yoga Rahasya, Yoga Vaani, extempore, EXT 2012,, Move Records, blue giraffe, still heading out (Australian/New Zealand haiku anthology), paper wasp and one hundred gourds.

Lingua Franka, his concrete poetry homage to Frank Zappa, was exhibited at The Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Bond Store (Mona Foma 2010), the Australian National Academy of Music, and Montsalvat.

Arjun’s most recent poetry collection is the 344-page Vice Versa new & selected poems (Collective Effort Press, 2016). He was a guest poet of the 2017 Tasmanian Poetry Festival.



Arjun von Caemmerer reads 'Dolmetsch'