Sista' girl need money to get home Native title

case Big time! she raps edgy


Some story


Up in court

on the run

stealing stuff


Could be


She's young black and living in the city


gimme a dollar

the rent whitey guilt

easy street


This is a refuge OK I say for Koori women at risk


Rape and violence you know



pinned to the wall a poster

men don't read


'after the rage

he's blotto on the bed

she plays dead'


I give her money refer her on

Now I hear she's working on the Block


tradin' for cuz

on the street 'crack' and 'excees'

if ya pay


locked in jail spirit flies

Old People callin'

me home again


Aboriginal terms:

cuz: cousin, friend

Old People: ancestors

crack and excees: cocaine and ecstasy