The lotus flower

Lurks in murk and mud and dark

Biding time, keeping count

‘Til it bursts forth in light and bright and colour

Paragon of patience, antithesis of doubt


And so we’ve waited,

My team, our dream in months

Incubated, anticipated

But the hour now has come


And plans once crushed, and turned to dust

That trickles through the hour glass

And life paused and then restart

Days run slow and weeks run fast


But now, the cauldron’s lit, the start is nigh

Of dreams and hope and pain

The struggle is over, turn to the fight

Feel the pulse and stoke the flame


When screaming heart and lungs of fire

Join iron eyes and will of steel

And opportunity lights the pyre

For those you dared, and did not kneel


No matter circumstance or turbulence

The fray, the fight is here

Mettle forged in heat, forged to compete

And green and gold enfolds all fear


And echoes of a crowded past

The greatness from before

A lane, your name, ‘take your marks’

They’re handing you the torch


So we’ll rise, lotus-like

And the world will see our power

Unified and fortified

In our Olympic Hour