Poetry Ambassadors representing the form

Every art form needs its champions. We invited some of the nation's favourite public figures who each hold a deep love of poetry to join our quest to bring poetry to all people during Poetry Month 2022.

We're thrilled to introduce our 2022 Poetry Ambassadors: Olympic medallist Bronte Campbell; viral content creator and comedian Nat’s What I Reckon; best-selling poet of the Pillow Thoughts series Courtney Peppernell; acclaimed author and storyteller Sisonke Msimang; much loved broadcaster and journalist Daniel Browning; writer and stand-up comedian Nina Oyama, and iconic singer-songwriter Archie Roach.

Throughout August, our Poetry Ambassadors dazzled us with an original commissioned poem of their own and videos detailing their connection to the art form, all published as part of 30in30.

Youth Ambassadors

Every art form also needs its emerging champions. This year we're delighted to introduce four public figures with a deep love of poetry to inspire the next generation of great poets.

We're thrilled to introduce our 2022 Youth Poetry Ambassadors: Paralympic medallist and activist Robyn Lambird; rapper and spoken-word poet Sachém Parkin-Owens; writer and multidisciplinary artist Jamie Marina Lau; and 2022 Kat Muscat Fellow Munira Tabassum Ahmed.