A man once showed me around a sharehouse

and whenever he showed me a bad part he said

but hey, makes you stronger.

So the sink pipes are rotten. But hey, makes you stronger.

There’s a leak in the ceiling. But hey, makes you stronger.

This is our ornamental Yayoi Kusama inspired wallpaper.

Nah just kidding, it’s mould. But hey.

Makes you stronger.


I am showing my inner child around the cabin on The Ship of Theseus

(That’s a cute nickname I have for my carefully curated ever-changing personality.)

Constantly under renovation, I refuse to throw out the broken bits.

I hoard anything and everything that causes me any pain ever.

A daily reminder to never get too happy - it’s actually self care to self hate.

I show my inner child the hot, stinking pile of mind garbage, rapidly filling the room.

Like, look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom!

She doesn’t laugh.

Okay… I am going to deal with it soon

but I’m actually really busy with work and stuff right now? Like


I am adding a Guy Fieri buffet to the Ship of Theseus.

I am adding a big ass waterslide to the Ship of Theseus.

I am performing a poem that uses the phrase “Ship of Theseus”

as if I didn’t just google “modern philosophical terms

that will endear yourself to poets” five minutes ago, on the Ship of Theseus.

I am crashing into an iceberg and all I feel is relief.


I’m in an Oedipal relationship with my inner child

When I grow up im gonna fuck me and then kill myself.

Right now I’m still floating down the river in a basket.

And the wicker is disintegrating.

And the water is pouring in.

But hey. HEY. Makes you stronger.