this is the story of a journey

which begins at Mount Bartle Frere and ends at Pigeon Forge

a rollercoaster of attractions, fire and dirge

and believe me, you will definitely need something to get you dry

especially if you sit towards the back


you’ll thrill to the diversification of business interests

with authentic branded activities and

world-class theme park rides

a leveraging of fame the whole family will enjoy

for a limited time


coupon, ride the boat with no oars

revel in the applause of receivership

oh Dolly there is no duplicate in tribute to, 

achingly conscious of the empty passenger seat

who would have thought we could set a rock on fire?


take the zipline to oblivion

package your memories and capture your thrill

dream sweet dreams of a season pass, because  

in union we ride and

in replica we trust


in Apollo, in Fabio, in the Fowl we trust

the snapshots taken are the top-tier token

the zipline to the centre of a lawsuit

spot the starlights at the outskirts of the copper mine

relive the tragic sinking of the spaceship


taste the fire of Smoky Mountain

run from the tears of North Arm Cove

forget yourself on the Drop Line

your adventures may be tragic

but you’re still high on the wings of commerce


winter’s remove lights the last of the tracks

mix Southern celebrity roots steeped in cake frosting taste

gun-slinging country girls know how to do a shoot

no red rock replica, no 40% audience share going nowhere 

how many flightless birds can you bag in a sky?


come gather your dollars

no memory left behind

laugh, dance, drink, craft

one last slide before the ride outside

tickets are not refundable


Footnote: this poem was created using the Theme Combinations constraint as the starting point. This poem makes reference to the following texts:

- Andrew Smith. 2021. cape york 1972, leyland brothers world, condensed story. Youtube

- Theme Park Coastin. 2021. Top 10 rides at Dollywood | 2021. Youtube