It’s time for our young people to rise
Take the fight laid before us
Let’s rise to the challenges 
We fight against depression, oppression, suicide
Genocide, displacement, child rights 
They say we’re equal
We bleed the same 
But we’re not treated the same 
In our land it’s not the same
We’re made to feel like it’s our fault
History hidden behind government cloak
Truth hidden behind exaggerated lies
Of what was but we know
We’re still living it 
Belongs to us
Brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties 
Still falling, dying to the system.
Let’s rise to the occasion 
Let’s tell the world our government system’s failing
To the people that were here first
Too many generations displaced and hurt 
We stand up because we should
Our people still hurt
For our mob for the voices mistook
We fight for reasons anyone with understanding cannot stand
They say we’re equal
Then when
Was it the 1967 referendum?
Then if so, why haven’t we been included in the government’s so-called constitution
And why we still gotta be recognised 
In white eyes racist eyes
Everybody understands but them, rednecks. 
We fight for the little babies taken away
In this day and age
We cry, we shed tears for them
Because I imagine it could have been mine.
I stand up for the good ones
The families who fight to keep it strong.
Still them government think they’re doing justice
A poor mother on welfare has no justice
Her baby gets taken away
Another fight before her lays
Instead of fighting the system
She is fighting for her life
Attempted suicide.
Who are we supposed to be when it’s all ripped up for greed
We have no more stories
Them hundred year leases with them all the so-called glories
What about my brothers at Bush
That want to work and teach the young how the world’s supposed to be.
They get sent away from home 
And everything is not as glorious as portrayed.
This was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Celestine Rowe reads 'For The Young'