Your face raised dollar signs for eyes. An open

smile and protruding tongue styled after a banknote. Should 


we stay till the end? A sausage roll like the credits roll. Sorry 

for torching Notre Dame it just looked so sexy on fire. The flame

emoji is depicted as a flame as in the kind produced when something 


is on fire. You say it as if automatic doors act on instinct and not

programming. Walk in. Scrunch an eye closed. Any eye. Doesn’t

matter, Parramatta. Observe the products. Refuse discounts. Drink various 

milks in the centre of a bank. The meaning of the wilted flower emoji can 


be interpreted as a flower. Depicted by most operating systems as a red

rose bent towards the ground searching for water (vibe slain), a petal

shed. You explain honey fungus. Root rot. Repossessing faded blooms. 

The wilted rose emoji is of course dying back. Emphasis on back. Death 

above ground means roots continue life underground. Not to be confused 


with thriving. Remain still and suck the air-conditioned air into those big

pink lungs. See how long you can hold it. Stand at the forefront of a fresh 

head office with bloodshot dollar signs for eyes. Open smile. Your tongue 

a polymer banknote wet with aspiration. Do you want to stay for the 

post-credits scene if there is one? I don’t mind but it’s your shout

at the drive-thru on the way home.