Your heads bubble

along the veins of the benches:  


Like nerve nodes,

you follow the movement of my arm:

I feel you working.  


Fingertips tripping

on the surface of your notebooks,

words caught in your roots,  


you spin

in ante-deluvian liquid:  


birthing yourselves, human stem-cells,

pluri-potential, omnipotent,  


your taste-buds bursting

with flavour.

'Bubbles' was commissioned as part of the Red Room Poetry education initiative, Papercuts, which begun in 2007 and involved numerous workshop series run by poets across dozens of Australian schools. In 2010, poet Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers worked alongside Year 10 Shenton College students, engaging with Red Room Poetry's Toilet Doors Poetry learning resource to guide their experiments with guerrilla poetry concepts and methods.