~ Dharawal interpretation provided by Jodi Edwards


Mingang Budjari– What’s Good
been a long time since I nandhi– Seen– you in the neighbourhood
Still kicking at the same spots
                                             the cycle remains the same
                                      djardjarbulalwala– brothers– light pipes
                                           in reverse of needles to the vein. 
out of the pan
who’s to Blame
forever chained in this society
                     Gunji know nganung Njindigang– who you– by names,
                                                              grudges like rust
                     holding on to gabar– government/ white-colonial rivalries

The Bangawan yuwinj– old men
are down Dharagang-dha– near to the river
raking up for a sip
                                                      crows’ feet stamp
                                                           weary miilali
                                               passing round the final nip
pour out the honours for the Bangawan midhang– old one– Nganung Nangga– who sleep
pour out the honors for Nirang Budbud– young hearts,
the reckless and strong 
                                     we won’t gali,– dance– to the drum of their beat
                                     we gali, to clapstick and song