~ Ngunawal interpretations provided by Jai Bell 




Wandiny Indegee Birag Gamaari Nganiny Yabang Yaradhang
Bagiiny Indegee Bur
Ganan Indegee Bundaa
Gawar Barabi Gaway Djambari
Bandu Naga Djirang
Yarabanali Binyin Gulanggaya Balu
Bird Bird Yarabanali Yambiri
Wagulan Indegee Ganan Wirinun
Ngadyinggal Gulunggaya
Yayin Guruba Gaway  
Magara Yarabanali Badjiin Gabin 
Barandu Dhan Gana
Naga Bambuli
Gamaari Indegee Nganiny Yaradhang
Gamaari Indegee Ngurumbang
Gulunggaya Yaray Birag Ganan 
Nganiny Daoure Dagurugurag Wiyag Bura
Gulunggaya Gulunggaya Naagula Yarabi
Miga Ngoonawal Narawan





When I die bury me under the crown of that big gum tree
with its spirit I will intertwine
vibrate as one until
the end of time
Hear me sing
gymea lilly’s heart bleed red in spring 
winds are waterfalls amongst leaves
come, find my shade a place to grieve
Budjan, Budjan, come and rest
blue eyed crows I know, the cleverest
let the drought dry my roots
insects feast on the blood red sap produced
Winters come, stand the chill
morning frost glistens on the hill
For, waters crash and fall easily
bury me under that old gum tree
made wrought of iron and stone
bury me somewhere close to Home
The old tree will stay and grow,
my restless spirit we never know
under the earth white bones lay
my being my essence will scatter away
Spirits remain untouched unchanged

Lighting cracks loud over Noonawal Plains