~ For Aunty Gloria Matthews


I am watching you watch me
with light carried by voice gentle
voice soft
voice to call all my world of sound of sight
I have turned around the sun
and turned in to you
and left as much of my blood in the soil
as my blood is the soil
in tree hollow
and above the stars
these crowded earths
have pressed against the other
as they always do
are flown between
in hum in caw in gahr
in spirit shard
as you teach
in and against me where
I am never as small                  as I remember
where I might wake cold
might wake quiet
might carefully make
            the life I don’t get
            the home I don’t know
or I can choose something else
and be it or not
but always answer the voice
with always,
I will be yours
and carry yours
sing it back
slip crescent and wane
like       fingers in my hair
like       blood gift to soil
like you made a star in her
that mapped me to myself
I am only edges at your light
and I thank you for your dew
for your pale face
how you dance upon the river
how you follow me home