Here is my dog named Sandy
Sandy is a Golden Retriever
Sandy's fur is so soft
that it makes her look so fluffy
Sandy is so precious
and she takes good care of my family
Sandy loves dog food,
It makes her tail wag full of excitement
Sometimes, Sandy wants to eat fast food
But, it's bad for her health
The way I gave Sandy her health warning, she finds it funny
It made her roll back and forth like crazy
Begging me to scratch her tummy.
Scratching Sandy's tummy makes her so much tickly, by making her leg shake
Sandy barks at me, she wants me to play with her.
My dog may be naughty, but it is so cute and has been running around all day.


Sandy is up for a challenge that she wants to play chess.
So, I agreed to play chess with Sandy
I also get to teach her how the pieces move, before playing.
In the end, Sandy and I had a stalemate.
So, it tells us that we've played evenly well
We shake hands and end with "Good Game!"


-- Sandy the Hero –


When intruders try to steal Sandy's dog food she says "No! This is my dog food!"
Sandy was kidnapped but she bravely bit the old thief, "Look here, old man. You are not my owner. I'm going back home, so you better just stay out of my way!" As Sandy got home safely, she wished that she could be a police guard dog one day.
Until then, I came back from my errands, Sandy told me everything about the thief, it made me so worried, but very proud of Sandy's brave actions at the same time. So, I gave Sandy nice cute cuddles, to make her happy.


Sandy has been wishing all night, she wanted to stay highly protected and making sure she took good care of herself, ever since tackling the thief.
On the next day, Sandy made up an amazing plan by designing the layouts of her new dog house and she especially constructed her house all on her own at the same time.
Sandy's gigantic dog house is a shape of a bone that is entirely made out of a super strong clay like bricks, the colour is white on the outside. A dog house that is big enough for people to fit in, located on a large empty countryside.

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Jaycee Kim, 'Sandy Dog Food', digital illustration, 2020