Afternoon grey in afternoon sounding
not like a sign but a soughing
which is white over the night shoulder
bent with market crash not soughing
not sighing and never sign anything
you download in the grey afternoon
but let it and let it out and letting go
something with beautiful grey sounding
more beautiful that is going beautiful
in the garden is sometimes red or
sometimes pink and fall leaves all petaline
where more rain predicts more rain and rain
that is lovely letting go of something
that clicks before a storm do not click
do not buy but let go before the night
storm over your shoulder beautiful and
waiting for the moon changes its large
light that is not and not grey nor slim
not an insert not alternative not faux simple
not resounding but the coming moon
that cycles with that enduring the wind
touches and it touches where you grey
impermanent sounding sigh in a lithe
shoulder before you go down into before
you petals leaves and leaves you