All of the lights
All of the lines
All of the liars
All of the shadows
All of the shapes
All of the sirens
All of the minutes
All of the merits
All your admirers
Let me take you on a tour of a house made of mirrors
You are not at all who you thought you were
You used to write love letters now you print brochures 
If old you had of knew me
Old me would not have liked you
What a limp handshake you have
I used to share my tunnel with a spider
Another photo opportunity with a fake backdrop
See them cuddle up to the camera like that lens is god
This is my Cis gendered big send off under golden showers
Sometimes I just say stuff
Then shoot up the place with an information sawn off
Get me to the part where there’s no more secrets
Get me to the part where it becomes fine art
I am pre-internet innocent
And when the light shines, just so
I am reminded of the nature of loss
More zeight than gheist
And there’s no fast forward
and I don’t know much but I do know this
I’ma hold on to you in the storm
I’ma hold on to you in the storm


This poem is in response to the photographs, 'Untitled 1930'by Phillberte de Flaugergues and 'Light Throw (mirrors)' by Jacky Redgate and forms part of the Shadow Catchers exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales 2020.

Joelistics reads 'All of the Lights'