Indexing The Land Selector’s Guide to the crown Lands
of Western Australia... ‘issued by direction of ... Commissioner
of Crown Lands’ in Perth By Authority of the Government Printer
1897... you might realise absence and sameness, that real estate
advertising, marketing, and government approvals
to ‘develop’ are much the same... that being colonial
has many degrees as well as many avenues of denial.
A garden, a dwelling, the particular aims, hopes, desires...
needs of the selector — orchards, root crops, transport infrastructure,
soil quality, size of... extent, locality... are variables of productivity
for building economic communities with all their threads
and subtexts, paratexts and separate indexes to separate
volumes. Resources. Sections. Extent. Agricultural districts.
Proximity to The Capital. Gazetting. Before and after surveys.
Approx. cost of clearing an acre of such bush. Well-watered
not so well-watered. Rainfall intensity. Lack. Compensated
by. Conditions. Worked. Blocks. Experimental Farms. Methods
improved, methods cropped. ‘Mixed farming’. Opened for. Select:
cereals. It has been found. Has. Been. Found. ‘by experience
that the cost of clearing lands timbered by salmon gums,
morrell, and gimlet wood is considerably reduced, owing
to the inflammable nature of those timbers.’ Nature. Of. Those.
Timbers. See page. See megafires. Index error out on a limb. Future.
See: no woodlands not heavily timbered but crops and houses
and... atmosphere flammable. Chain reaction. Cascade. Ghost
in the Hellbox. Cravers of holdings. Conditional. Balance
to be paid. Down. Getting their own clause in. Theirs?
Ours? Improvements to rip & tear, grub & burn. Maximum
persons per acreage. No person under eighteen
to purchase. Lend lease war talk later — building up
to quota, supply, drafts. Forfeits. Rentals and even freebies
as in Mt Bruce when on the bare bones had us consider
at least. Us. Them. Now payable. Within expiry
date. Or waived through landscaping
            the index.