~ MC Kronic (Kryton Stewart)


From sunrise,
to sundown,
I'm never gon',
come down. X4
Verse 1~
From sunrise,
to sun fall,
I gon' pick it up,
never dropping the ball,
Ima stay my course,
with a force,
that can cause,
all the walls,
to take a fall,
I’m at war,
but illi’ll still,
send your body to the morgue,
abort your corpse,
rough and rugged,
mother fucking,
start to studder,
sit and wonder,
just what I can do with this,
your stuck with struggles,
what a prick,
my tears make puddles,
on my cheeks,
Iif life brings trouble,
I’m kill that bitch,
I make my moves,
I make them quick,
trained by the best in the biz,
told from the lips,
of my big sis,
I know she’s watching me,
I feel that hit,
to the chest,
so blessed.
From sunrise,
to sun down,
I'm never gon',
come down. X4
Verse 2~
I’m never gonna come down,
only raising up,
high above the ground,
where we waking up,
I make my sounds,
but I’m down in the dumps,
picture myself,
in the mirror,
with a pistol,
index on the trigger,
got an itchy finger,
start to pull,
release the lead,
feel like a fool,
when I wanna be dead,
suicides just a tool,
that’ll kill your friends,
I used to feel so strange at home,
all day in bed,
just smoking cones,
off my head,
trying to be left alone,
But now I’m rising up again,
I’m flying,
And I’m loving it,
feel higher than the government,
I’m going outta space,
like buzz n them,
like I’ve made deals,
with the devil,
been at it for years,
and aint on my level,
your peers,
start to back pedal,
after hearing,
this black rebel,
its incredible,
I’m rising higher,
then the pedestal,
they put me on,
like I’ve been here all along.
From sunrise,
to sun down,
I’m never gon',
come down, X4
Verse 3~
From sunrise,
to sun down,
we"ll raise up,
won’t shut down,
we'll make our way,
won’t back down,
we'll be ok,
won’t come down, X2
From sunrise,
to sun down,
I’m never gon',
come down. X4