The poor are not homeless cause they have souls richest.
Fortune are homeless, tunes are homeless,
Homeless be the resistances
Homing babies don’t cry
Homeless be the rich of explores
Renting and owners be a homeless
Souls of cold are homeless
Soulful houses are hot with that food want by the homeless.
Now prayers don’t work for homeless
A camp tent disappear, when a house no tiles to walk on.
Beds all lay sensible as inflict a strategy by all homeless survival.
Resistance are many homeless when they are exhibited.
Homage strange ungirth bring sad eyes handled by transgressor.
Love can not be a molesting, “we got it better to live”
Home made invader on our homeless are tears not seen to
    comfort the living.
Home sweet homes must look at the big pictures.
Poor fairest bring all your morning happy when rhythms are
   lullaby as if the house is earth.
Home swear will not cover the hot cold seasons our
   homeless needs.
Religions are using the unhoused people for forgotten
   bush realization.
Pain comes passion at the men who needs a home to home
   his women.
Society eternity seems to want a keep homeless at bay at no stay.
Gifts are given, yet the homeless can’t pay rent or play ownership
   no more at doors gates close, a whole history roofs side walls
   seems fallen by the homeless callings.
My people housed know they not full housed cause our people’s
   live air think even eat as homeless.
Land taken made us homeless.
The trees roots are arms of our brothers and sisters homeless.
They saw why don’t them get it together.
Well knock pale the rising sun light on homeless.
We’ll find music is beat best in homeless songs.
Always not be homeless for the crowd will intake,
Swift perfect lives make no homeless we run through years of rain
   in the sun shining.
Their feelings are not homeless when not housed don’t mean they lost.
Homes many are lonely than the homeless song on songs.
Let the peace be the piss over fires that don’t warm the homeless kinds.
The golds are the homeless
The futures are all homeless
Just don’t be up you ones of a housed care.
Don’t cares are right wing bad bodies mouths.
We pity the stay on owners who will not house the homeless.
Most homeless have peaces unity and loves over money wearing
Most homeless do soul the soulless even smart talk the politic of it all.
Most homeless are friends without friends.
We must not feel sadden for the homeless are a real worlds.

Saints Are Homeless