Beyond the eyelid’s flickering light, strange

how you teeter. Marsh frogs in their homes shake

the shallow waters of these hours. Their song

across space naked spills through an opened window.  


Here, in this half-sleep dulcet rhythm, lifted, 

your mind drifts along currents patterned by gentle 

moth wing flutters. Everything abuzz, you float, 

dance, fathom amongst sweet-lipped night flowers. 


Colourful quiet, at furthest point from day, the stars 

brighten, blanketing. A sugar glider slides down

a moonbeam to gnaw and sip on summer softened 

fruit, radiant wattle nectar. You nestle, cozy


within a nook-hollow of the great river red gum,

swaying, protected by the boobook owl. Tender hoots 

remind you of the vastness connecting earth and sky. 

The whole circus hooped within you, dreamer. 

Luke Patterson reads 'Night Vision (while we sleep)'