1. Ursus maritimus (Polar Bear)

A clash of icebergs △◻⟡▷◁⟡◻▽strewn on the frozen shore.
The wind and the wandering animal ~ are dreamt
by the blinding ~ drifts of snow.

She haunts the fault lines ⌃♒︎⌃ where currents fracture pack ice.
Where gluts of seals gush up
and slap the cold like mud.

She claws a hole in the permafrost and entombs ⬤ herself.
Inside the fevered den she turns like a trapped compulsive.
Tends the newborn cub ● like a raw wound.



2. Arachnocampa luminosa (Glow Worm)

Inside this buried space the stars are cannibals.
The cave drips with the secrets
of their grave hunger.

So far beneath ground ▼ sky should be meaningless.
Yet this black of dank rock   
gloams with its own ⟡🕆⌑⟡⌑ infernal galaxy. 

A mosquito births onto the surface of a still pool.
The glitter of night provides direction
with pinpoints of light that drool. 



3. Chelonia mydas (Sea Turtle)
It is an orgy of waste and emptying 𐩒𐩒𐩒𐩒
this spilling of herself for hours into sand. 
Afterwards she melts ⌥ into the sea.

They awaken from a dream of yolk and albumen
into  suffocating  graininess.
Sense the glamour of vastness ∞ and its ease.

They clamour for the mere chance of it.
In reckless flight they reach this ≈ buoyancy ≈
rich with floating wilds of ξϑζ sargassum.



4. Apteryx australis (Southern Brown Kiwi)
Come night ☾ it re-assembles itself
like a cluster of bewitched sticks.
Scuttles mulch with its tactless beak. 

It finds a dusty and wingless ghost of itself.
They fuss about until they unearth
a future ♋︎ in camouflage and blindness.

The egg soaks   in  the moon’s pallor
while the birds probe the rich thickets of smells
that night again exhumes for them.


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