Prince was my goldfish
and Fluffy was Frankie’s.
They were my favourite fish in the whole world,
in my whole life.
They were brother and sister
swimming around the rocks in the ocean of their tank.
I fed them fish food
and they swam up to me blowing bubble kisses
like mermaids
like friends forever.
Frankie would come to my house
and draw with me.
Draw Prince and Fluffy
as mermaids swimming through watery rainbows.
They are my nieces and nephews, Frankie
is the eldest, she’s 9
Angus is 8
Edwina is 3 and Eloise is 4.
They sleep over sometimes.
I love them and their cuddles.
We all loved those fish
and I love my whole family, all my life
they help me always
with everything.
To my darling
beautiful princess mum
and my beautiful Dad.