Studio A’s resident romantic, Meagan Pelham, has a weakness for romance. Her delicate pencil drawings of brides, wedding cakes, and love-heart shaped cocktails pose elegantly next to handwritten poetry. Meagan has developed a practice of repeatedly drawing owls, which she believes are the most romantic of all animals. Meagan calls these drawings her Love Owls.
As a member of Studio A, Meagan has undertaken collaborations with Erth Visual and Physical Inc., Koskela’s Creative Studio and with Cicada Press Printing Studio at the UNSW School of Art and Design.
Meagan has exhibited work at NG Gallery and at the Casula Powerhouse. In 2016/17 Meagan performed as the Owl Bride in the collaborative production, birdfoxmonster, with Erth Visual and Physical inc, supported by Carriageworks.
In 2019 Meagan collaborated with Australian fashion house Romance Was Born and was part of the collective of Studio A artists commissioned for the UTS Central public mural Bird Life Jungle Disco.