It’s western Sydney Shakespeare
It’s poetry in the park,
Call it bush poetry,

Connecting crew to culture,
Native roots grow stronger,
We are writers in the making.

We pay our respects to Elders,
Past, present and emerging
We pay our respects to spirits
All knowing and protecting,

We thank you for helping us
Create language beneath your canopies,
We hope to recreate these words
In your tongue

Some day,
May we reclaim it from our mothers tears,

Muscle memory made our tongue
please the masters,
May we become the masters of their language
Be the artists they are after,

We’re just molding melodies out of poetry
Recreate soul in your soliloquies,
We will create masterpieces here,
Out master the masters here,

We pay our respects to the land,
It’s purity in its essence,
May our young words
seem as wise as they can,

It's poetry in adolescence.