The wind dreams of being human
having magical powers
it sleeps on the moon in space
kind of goes through your body
like cold water from the beach

~ 'The Wind' by Coreen Special Educational School, Youth Unlocked 2020)

Red Room Poetry’s Youth Unlocked collaborates with students, teachers and educational communities in Behavioural Intervention Centres and Juvenile Justice Centres to deepen positive expression through poetry.

Youth Unlocked nurtures the potential of young people through the reflective and healing power of poetry, encouraging self-expression that helps young people find their voice, write, record, perform and share their stories to:

  • support literacy, learning and wellbeing
  • encourage creativity, confidence and connection
  • facilitate positive expression and healing


Poems | Adol(escence)
  • Australia Council for the Arts

  • Create NSW

  • The Aesop Foundation