When I walk in the streets
of the Green Square hood
once where old factories
and warehouses stood
Fresh apartments, just 'cause they could

~ 'Green Square, What's Good?' by Green Square School students

Youth Unlocked collaborates with students, teachers and educational communities in Behavioural Intervention Centres and Juvenile Justice Centres to deepen encounters with poetry.

In 2018, Youth Unlocked successfully delivered workshops in Shepherds Park Juvenile Justice Centre with support from Wagga Wagga Council and at Green Square Behavioural School with performances of the rap at MIRVAC’s Social Corner in inner Sydney. 

  • 35 Youth Unlocked Students
  • 22 Unlocked inmates (90 First Nations)
  • 12 Unlocked Community


  • Green Square School
    With generous support from MIRVAC and Landcom, in February and March 2018, poet and hip hop artist SOLO (Nick Bryant Smith) and poet and performer Gabrielle Jones delivered six workshops for the students at Green Square School. The workshops focus on unlocking poetic ways of seeing, writing and responding through music and performance.
    Read the student poems
    Listen to the group poem recording
    Read the project report
  • Shepherds Park Juvenile Justice Centre
    Zohab Zee Zhan's workshops at Shepherds Park Education and Training Unit will explore spoken-word poetry, performance and self-expression. From the workshops, a group poem will be created which will be embedded into the Fusion 2017 Multicultural Festival.

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