Bimbali winha birrabang wuruwin dyiraany dhi gibirbang wayan balungin waangandarra bundarra birrang wuruwin murruwa 
fire burning outside through mountain, my people lost dying, tormenting cloud smoke through wind

~ Reiby students from 'Group fire poem'

Deepening positive expression through poetry with students, teachers and educational communities.

Youth Unlocked nurtures the potential of young people through the reflective and healing power of poetry, encouraging self-expression that helps young people find their voice, write, record, perform and share their stories to: 

  • support literacy, learning and wellbeing
  • encourage creativity, confidence and connection
  • facilitate positive expression and healing

"What a wonderful program I was able to be a part of today. Thank you for the opportunity and for being the kind of organisation that dreams and delivers on such meaningful work and engagements. I am humbled and honoured."

~ Lillian Rodrigues Pang, commissioned poet

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2021 program

Reiby Youth Justice Centre – Dorchester School

Our five-week Youth Unlocked program at Reiby was designed and led by Lyndsay Urquhart in collaboration with Aunty Rayma Johnson, Aunty Joyce Mate, Lillian Rodrigues Pang, Nicole Smede and Sara M. Saleh. The program is inspired by the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water with an emphasis on writing poetry individually and in groups as well as physical activities that best support the ladies learning and healing.

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Oolong House Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

This program was led by Uncle Richard Moore with music by Timothy Gray, poetry with Uncle Ken Canning, art by Steve Spacek and film with Troy John Russell. Delivered on Country in collaboration with Oolong House and Bundanon Trust, participants experience ceremony, bush medicine, writing and different forms of cultural and creative expression to support storytelling and healing. 

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Partners and Supporters

  • Australia Council for the Arts

  • Create NSW

  • The Aesop Foundation

  • American Express

  • Bunanon Trust