Time passes rapidly.

Armed with a celestial body, anything can be used 

to propel that armada


I’m in no mood

solitude sank on every side   

get aboard!  spin the sphere


Build your own missiles  

a few moments of sunshine and salt  

artificial moons orbiting 


Thunderbird  Sidewinder  Skip-bomb  

near as today   a hurricane brewing 

at the clam-bake little sister felt the heat   


Gone for nights, reached for the pale star  


there is no doorway to tomorrow   


That’s okay – you stay rejected  

this brochure highlights noxious weeds   

Mercury’s hostile surface


Anytime you wish 

faster than the speed of sound    forever



Footnote: this poem was created using the Found Texts constraint as the starting point. It utilises found text from a comic titled Rockets, Jets and Missiles, once owned by _____ ____________’s grandfather, printed in the U.S.A., no publication date. Also an excerpt from a Don Winslow novel City on Fire (2021) and an instructive Brisbane City Council pamphlet Managing Fire, no date available.