endeavour to mention 

vintage splatter 

any imperfection


Any bi(r)ds placed

does not automatically imply

mother and chick 

are free from defect


From creation to the end  

lucite female torso  

men’s interest apparent

a large anodised pear


With purple inclusions 

box of erotic ephemera 

bibles in leather binders

schoolgirls’  picture library


Update your details

two glass cars 

a house of splendid isolation 

anatomical brain on stand


Artist unknown

cultural mask

deserted town, alcohol 

a collection of popular mechanics 


Deeds that won the empire

toy soldiers man carrying a sack of paper banknotes

elegant pens, a meat hook


An interesting miscellany

incised butterflies

jellyfish example

sleeping beauty single owner 


Refresh page this way

five minutes prior to close

[red elevated flower rolled over]

the fragrant minute for every day



Footnote: this poem was created using the Found Texts constraint as the starting point. It utilises found text from the Lawsons Auctioneers: Books, Bric a Brac & Miscellaneous  July 14 2022 Sale catalogues.