When I think of the sun
I see places in my mind
my eyes closed
a warm and kind place
full of lovely people
The moon has a coolish glow
she lights my way at night
at the beach, waves shine
on moonless nights
you can drag
your fingers backwards
through the sand
it glimmers
When I look up at the stars
I think ‘I’m glad they’re not the stars you see on TV!’
we could be the children of the stars
the ones above our heads
not the ones on our screen
The flying fox
is the hanging man
no matter how you look at life
it’s either upside down or right way up
Be careful little selkie
because you might lose your fur
though a man looks cute
he can be cunning
The lovers are playful
they love to tease
you might get swept away
with these two
The snowy fox is
a master of camouflage
so if you think you’re alone
in the wilderness, think again
Have a howling good time with the wolf
Don’t be afraid
to enter the tower
even if you do, you can escape
If you get lost
don’t be afraid
to ask the hermit
he will light your way
he will guide you to the path
you want to be on
The story of the serpent is so sad
blushing because she does not want
to turn her lover to stone
The phoenix will always rise from the ashes
she flew over Moomin Valley and was shot
her wing injured on her way to the volcano
a huge bonfire is lit in the forest
carried to the flames, she is reborn
Don’t be foolish thinking that the earth is flat
because it has both a beginning and an end
life on earth always goes around in circles
if your’e feeling dizzy
you will know why you’re spinning
Shuffle the cards
pass me the deck
this is who you are
this is what you were
this is what you want

this is what you’ll get








Contained in this artset

  1. Skye Saxon, 'The Earth',  Ink, Acrylic & Pencil on Paper, 2020
  2. Skye Saxon, 'The Moon', Ink, Acrylic & Pencil on Paper, 2020
  3. Skye Saxon, 'The Stars', Ink, Acrylic & Pencil on Paper, 2020
  4. Skye Saxon, 'The Sun', Ink, Acrylic & Pencil on Paper, 2020