Steve Spacek is a pioneer, from his earliest incarnations in Stex at the beginning of the 90s. He has pushed boundaries with aesthetics, innovation and technology. Throughout his career he has released music on some of the most forward-thinking labels across the musical spectrum- Island Universal, Warp, !K7, Eglo, Ninjatune, Exit Records and now his own imprint, SPA.

Alongside Morgan Zarate and Edmond Cavill, he formed the band Spacek, a group that would innovate and define a new type of electronic soul music. Two acclaimed albums followed: Curvatia and Vintage Hi Tech (Island Universal - !K7).

Next, Steve’s most storied contribution to Exit Records would be the Black Pocket project, an electronic instrumental hip hop album, developing previously explored themes in downtempo electronica. It was with Ninjatune in 2015 that he released his next solo record as Beat Spacek titled Modern Streets. An exploration in iOS beat making via contemporary genres – new wave, soul and reggae, shedding previous workflows in favour of developing his creative discipline further, using said iOS apps!