Deep musky scent,
         rich red soil.
         One lone gum tree
         from air to nose.
         Sniff this way,
         Kangaroo over there,
         Snake here.

        Wind stirs soft,
        rustles dry grass.
        Crow wings flap
        over and over 
        all day long.
        Cockatoo screeches
        noisy but nice.

        Shimmering waves
        from hot desert sands,
        colour blending, changing.
        Funny one that.
        Yellow sun blazing
        shooting colour to land.
        Reds, browns, greens and greys.

         Water in air
         Rain soon here,
         fresh pure honey
         so sweet I smile.
         Dig some yams
         crunchy to bite,
         Plenty tucker here.

        Warm red dirt,
         so full of life,
         feel the oil,
        from one fallen leaf.
        The roughness of rock
        as ancient as me.
        Spine tingles in joy.

      You must slow down,
       stop, listen, look
       learn our Mother,
       She provides all.
       Taste, touch and love Her
       and respect, yes — respect.
       I am born of Her.