Old woman,

You gave me life.

Your eyes were alive,

With timeless wisdom.

Your face so gentle,

A touch so soft,

Gave me strength,

That can’t be beaten.


I called you Gran,

You called me Johnny,

And I clung to every word.

Mesmerised by a beauty

I was too young to understand.

You left this world.

I didn’t cry,

You hadn’t left me.


This world was harsh

You steeled me to fight,

This callousness called society.

When hatred embraced me,

You came to my dreams,

To caress me,

To stroke me gently

To hug me to your heart

Your kindness gave me life.


I’d wake and feel our dream,

And tears would flow,

Not for sadness,

But for tenderness,

For our time together,

You taught me well,

Old woman.


I have lived with hatred,

That only dispossession can breed,

My land’s destroyed,

My language dead.

Surviving an imposed life,

Ruled by sick minded bastards,

Perverted by greed.


But anglo arrogance can’t defeat,

You sweet Gran,

You live within this land,

Within me.

Your arms shield me,

From colonial torture,

Our spiritualism lives,

Our culture survives.

We are forever.

Timeless woman.