I move:

that this act be now acted a second time.

to be laid before a written instrument.

commencement after commencement.



their fluctuating concerns.

“birth”, substitute “accident”.

“episodic”, substitute “permanent”.


[people with disability are central] 


I commend:

the extensive consultation and royal assent.

this streamlined undertaking exercise.

the most vulnerable CEO’s in our community.



the definition of guarantees.

the body as principal.

the substitute of “review” without doubt.


[this agency manages agency]


We independently monitor:

the relationship between care and carer.

requests to arrest seizure.

the extent of their lifetime.


[people without disability are central] 


Footnote: this poem was created using the Red Tape constraint as the starting point, drawing on the National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment Bill 2022.