I’m going to go with this one here

the natural selection, placing smoke on a fork

is there a choice, or just oil on a rag?


Free gifts if you order today

there must be a catch – the hook is too good

fly fishing in our sleep, netting balls like fresh bait


a third of the way, c’mon He-man 

if you enter a skull from the eastern terrace 

you exit the right eye a third of the way


we can take the fish & chips to France, Jacques

said the bishop to the angler

is that a Jesus fish or are you just happy to see through me


What happens if he ends up dead himself?

we won’t say a word, we won’t pull any strange faces

the natural selection, we won’t say a word


Diplomats in the banking capital are not exactly your scene

[holds hand up to ear] buy! sell! sell! buy!

you exit the skull by  sticking a fork in capital


This has been stolen in a cyber attack including personal information 

Pins. Retinas. Middle names. Fingerprints. Confessions. Sperm count. 

Line. Tackle. Hook. Pencil. Dropshot. Fishing sinkers. Catch-based quotas.


I said I didn’t want to see you again!

once you enter the skull, you cannot leave through the eye

(a skull cannot withstand the external pressure of not being seen)


Whoever’s going first, please stand up to the podium

no one wants to step up unless they’ve snagged a 500 pound marlin 

clench the jaw and activate the core


How do you feel about that?  –Good! Yeah? More confident than me then

He-man never hurt a soul. The sword was for lasers and obstacles.

He-man never caught a sole. The rod was for lures and testicles.


Footnote: this poem was created using the Holden Patterns constraint as the starting point.