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Encouraging students and teachers to connect to Country.

Created in collaboration with Clickview, check out two free curriculum-aligned video resources, 'Sun Downs and Seasons' by Kirli Saunders and 'Paleep' by Arika Waulu Onus, and complete the activities on page 14 of the POEM FOREST learning resource.

The POEM FOREST Prize supports positive climate action by inviting students and teachers to write and publish poems inspired by nature. For every poem received a native tree planted will be planted on Dharawal Country in Wollongong to increase canopy cover, create habitat and strengthen communities for generations.

Additional Resources

Delve into poetic devices with a free six-part series of animations and curriculum-aligned resources that introduce alliteration, imagery, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification and simile. Designed for Years 3-6, resources can be used to plan an individual English lesson or a unit of work. Animations and activities can be utilised in the order presented or adapted for specific a teaching plan and class.

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