Poetic Moments

Dyarrbabangunbuni ngimagay
We will never grow weary or let our fire burn out
Burawangunla, naminmawawingun dara
Let’s move upward and show our teeth
~ 'The Wounded Brave' by Joel Davison

Taronga Zoo Sydney plays host to MUSE @ Taronga

MUSE @ Taronga was an outdoor exhibition featuring contemporary and traditional installation-based artworks created by environmentally driven and emerging First Nations artists.

We connected First Nations eco-inspired poets for MUSE @ Taronga, showcasing the stories, poems visual art of 10 First Nations artists via contemporary and traditional art-making processes. Two First Nations poets, Ali Cobby Eckermann and Joel Davison had their poems featured.

Artworks were displayed in the grounds of the Zoo in celebration of NAIDOC’s 2019 theme: Voice. Treaty. Truth.