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May 23rd – 25th 2008

Pier ¾, Walsh Bay

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2008

Nightwriting launched at the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2008, featuring poets Mike Ladd (SA), Lachlan Brown (NSW), Esther Ottoway (TAS).  Visiting British poet Jacob Polley delivered the 2008 Minislec on the project theme. 

This project drew attention to poetry as an art that requires few external materials to exist; it encouraged people to use all their senses to explore poetic language. Our live event was held in the dark with text versions of the poems revealed to sight through torch-powered projections. The poems were all performed from memory and each one raised our interest in the code-like and physical nature of poetic language. Our poem-pod installation designed by Camilla Lawson was a trio of walk-in booths fitted with audio, Braille and tactile alphabet versions of the commissioned poems. Pick up a copy of the Nightwriting booklet with both text versions!

You can view the Nightwriting promo film, filmed by Andrew Garrick and Kat Stone and edited by Andrew Garrick, on YouTube.

A modified version of the installation toured to the Tasmanian Writers’ Festival in September 2008.  Proudly supported by The Keir Foundation, The Sydney Writers' Festival and Vision Australia.


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Visit our online store to purchase publications and materials from this project. Red Room Poetry is a not-for-profit organisation. All funds raised support the ongoing work of Red Room Poetry.