I can feel you cushioning your intention with the way you speak in white riddles. 
I can see you wrapping up your words like roses

~ from 'I have a question' by Ruth, Amy, Neha and Upani, Nossal High School, Year 10 & 11

OutLoud is an annual spoken word poetry slam competition for students run by Australian Poetry. The OutLoud Eco!Slam partners with Melbourne Writers Festival, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Red Room Poetry, Express Media with links to Red Room’s original New Shoots project. OutLoud 2019 was funded by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program 2019.

As part of the competition, primary and secondary students create poems inspired by the themes of social justice and environmental sustainability and compete in a slam competition. 

OutLoud Eco!Slam is held as part of Melbourne Writers Festival and OutLoud is founded and headed by Creative Director and poet Emilie Zoey Baker, 

These are the winning poems from OutLoud Eco!Slam 2019.

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2019 event

Held on 2 and 3 September as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival, the OutLoud Eco!Slam finals in 2019 showcased the inspiring poetic talent of young people, in its new home of the State Library of Victoria. 


Winning performance  

'I have a question' by Zhoujing, Neha, Ruth and Upani (Year 11, Nossal High School)

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Finalist performances


By Mia and Rheanna (Year 11, Carey Baptist Grammar School)

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By Aaron and Scott (Year 9, Melbourne High School)

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By Ella, Lily-Rose and Yanan (Year 9, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School)

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By Genevieve, Emma, Aimee and Chiara (Year 8, Haileybury School)

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Partners & supporters

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  • Australia Council for the Arts

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