Poetry on the block-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

The cold bite of a concrete garden
I plug myself in, drifting away from the now
Who are the ones who live?
~ St Andrew’s Cathedral School students from 'The City'

Sparked by lived experiences of the city

Poetry on The Block voices the city’s ever-changing moods through poems created by school students and poets.

Supported by the City of Sydney, Poetry on The Block commissioned new poems by Richard James Allen, Joel Davison, Gloria Demillo and Nikki Gemmel who engaged Year 9 and 10 students from St Andrew’s Cathedral High School in a series of poetry workshops in June 2019. 

Final poems were visually interpreted by students from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia interning at Billy Blue Creative.

Poetry on The Block was showcased between May and July 2020 at 63 Dixon Street, Haymarket, Sydney, 2000.  

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