I wait until you're asleep, then I come out to eat.
I sneak from my tree hollow and hope you're not about.
I live nearby your town and can hear your dogs bark at night. 
I need good eyes to look out for predators.
As I chew on leaves, I hear a rustle, so I look about,
I see a cat and it's coming my way,
I am near a road so I go to cross.
It's my first time going on a possum bridge,
I am scared as I cross on my trapeze.
I get to the other side and eat my fill.
I look back but can see no cat.
It's getting light, I will have to get home.
Back to my warm snug bed, I am glad to be safe again,
A Western Ringtail Possum is the one I am, 
An endangered species is me.