It felt like the bush stretched as far as the sky

But just me watching the world go by

I smiled green all around, red sand on the ground

A connection never lost apart from their children, now gone

A history that our people caused, more grief than ever before

Years and years may go past but they won't forget, a scar in their hearts

Sorry was said but the pain is still there, at least we have this beautiful land to share,

Now we choose, good or bad but it may affect this beautiful land

This land that had been through so much, pain and even no rain

Unthinkable actions, unpayable debt, unfair plans and pain

How could we, our family, our people, cause a pain so deep that it still goes on to this day

Over ten years back, we had to reopen that wound, we had to fix it, not with stitches but with words, sometimes it may still itch

But that cliff is far away now with many steps from the edge

Today we walk together away from the edge united as one, today and forever.