An astounding world that is a sure spawn of fantasy.
Animal royalty reside underneath the water.
Hidden kingdoms caressed by a rhythmic swell.
Where the dappled sunlight shines on the creatures that dwell.

Kaleidoscopic shades decorate the living jewels,
Of Australia's magical Great Barrier Reef.
Dancing skeletons extending left, right and around,
Beckoning millions of critters, to their only refuge thus found.

Prestigious sea parties, where the royalty resides.
A dolphin's sleek grey tuxedo matches the sea lion's smart suits,
And all eyes float to the colourful fish with their glittering ballgowns,
But all costumes easily pale against the turtle, its shell a delicate crown.

But the coral cannot survive, and the creatures cannot flourish,
For their mystical home is under fierce siege, from humans worldwide.
Death is becoming an early option, destruction not a surprise.
So we must fight for what they cannot do, and rise.

Once the blinding moonlight beams across the sandy shores,
And the foaming waves enlarge at its powerful pull,
Across Australia's underwater kingdom, we should value the beauty we crave,
And remind the world, that this precious treasure is our duty to save.