we meander along the white sandy Woodland track

stands of Swamp Banksia give tongue to Brown Honeyeaters and Blue Wrens
spellbound by sweet nectar

we pause to feel the long, serrated leaves

a Snake furrow wends across                                                                a bulldozed path
reclamation green thrusts skyward between dramatic imprints

Black Cockatoos kee kee. their cries soaring, diving into rich humus -
stored with carbon beneath our feet            

we follow the narrow path through a copse of tall Melaleuca -
celestial white flowers on gnarly deep time branches

                papery marvels          

small burrows, tell-tale signs of Quenda startling between

Spider Orchids, Sunny Hibbertia, Cotton Heads, Purple Westringia

                Beeliar ripples –

Black Swans sit atop Wetland thrones of woven twigs and leaves
Shovelers take flight, tall bullrushes swoon

Insects music the dark glassy surface             cool air eddies and pools


                we breathe, we breathe the giddy oxygen