I always wanted to be left alone 

Sitting on a beach watching the dolphins play 

But now the place I love

Somehow I hate

I'm lost in grief 

Waiting for the waves take me away to a place where it doesn't hurt 

Feeling the sand drift me away 

All I want is a little less pain 

The palm trees sway a storm is coming 

But thinking of leaving makes me hurt even more 

The place we always were 

The place he told me he loved me for the first time 

The place he proposed 

We never thought we wouldn't get to that day 

That call that changed it all

This beach makes me feel so close to him 

But makes me feel so much pain 

This beach makes me feel like I'm losing him a little more each time I leave

The storm is brewing over the horizon 

Makes the storm inside full of pain and anger slowly go away but will never be gone