You march through lush jungles and turquoise oceans,
Take out your rage on every unfortunate creature in your wake.
Is this really my future?
A single puff from your coal-stained lips turns skies to ashen grey.
Your grimy fingers cause creatures to collapse with a sole swipe.
This must really be my future.
You are the pollutant that suffocates my growing lungs as I fall to the floor choking.
You are the raging fire that burns my majestic forest.
How can this be my future?
You bring fear and terror into our hearts,
Your existence is a force shattering this delicate planet into a million pieces.
Does this have to be my future?
You empower me and fill me with the burning fire of fury,
Give me the motivation to fight back and end your reign of horror.
This cannot be my future.
You are a lone force in this world filled with raging people,
Each one of us ready to fight against you.
This will no longer be my future.